Thursday, June 21, 2007


Apparently my 8 year old needed a Caterpiller! He came to me today, with my "Knitted Toys" book, a pair of needles, some yarn and said, "make me a caterpiller, mom!" Soooo... Here's Kyle with his caterpiller finger pupet! BTW... in the interest of good manners, I did remind him to say "please" :-)


LDSVenus said...

LOL how cute is that, what book was that pattern in? Bet my grand daughter would love one too ;P. Good to see you have your own blog, was hard for me to keep up with mine and my myspace too. :P

Crystal said...

Thank! Kyle is really happy with it, and hasn't let it off his finger all day, LOL. The book is Titled "Knitted Toys: 21 easy-to-knit patterns for irresistible soft toys" and is by Fiona McTague. There are actually 5 caterpillar finger puppets, and 5 farm animal finger puppets. Not to mention a multitude of assorted knit animals, dolls and toys. It's a nifty book, and well worth the $18.95 I paid at Borders.