Friday, June 8, 2007

Tree Of Life

Well.... since I've been so busy knitting sweaters and such for family and friends all year, I finally decided I need a sweater too! My choice is the Tree Of Life cardigan from Lion Brand. I really love it, and I can't wait till it's done so I can enjoy it!. I actually started it out in "Cranberry" Wool-Ease, and got both front pieces, and half the back done, but I decided that red trees were just not what I had in mind! Soooo... I frogged the whole thing, went back to JoAnn's to get the "Mushroom" instead, and now I love it! Yeay! Unfortunately, the knitting is going real slow because of the end of the schoolyear, fieldtrips, and finals, but what the heck, I won't actually NEED it till fall, so there's plenty of time! Here's a link to the pattern:

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